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Allison’s Biography

My parents love to tell me this story of when I was three years old at a family cookout and they asked me to sing. I stood up and started to belt out The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from Annie. I sang the whole song and everyone started clapping and cheering. That was the last time I would ever do it! My mom says I must have gotten scared by all the ruckus and I bottled it up for 16 years! As a child and teenager, I never had the confidence to sing solo for an audience but I loved to sing. My sister and I would sing crazy little songs we made up in the basement and I would come home and sing Halloween songs for my mom that I learned in school. Each year, I would join the school chorus and sing in groups but never made myself stand out in fear the music teacher would want me to sing on my own. When I was 19, my sister and I were driving in her car and singing along to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. About three songs in, my sister turned the radio down, looked over at me and said “YOU CAN SING!” She made me sing the rest of the songs by myself. That was the opening of the door to me starting to sing on my own in front of anyone. I would practice singing country music in my car or my house in front of a mirror but only when I was alone. A few years later, my parents were planning a graduation party for my sister that would have a DJ with a karaoke machine. They told me I had to sing. I knew my whole family would be there so I started practicing Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter. When the party came, I was ready and nervous as ever. I went up there and sang the best I could and had a great time doing it! From that point on, I would sing karaoke any chance I got. After many karaoke experiences, I built my confidence and started entering some karaoke contests. I always placed in the top 3 and I won a few of them with prizes such as cash and gift certificates for meat at Schiffs! I started taking guitar lessons and recently piano lessons. One night when I was practicing the guitar and trying to play Stay by Sugarland, I hit some tough chords and called Mark to help me. I knew he played the guitar and figured he could talk me through it. He came over to my house and I showed him what I was having trouble with. I told him the only way I could play it is if I sang along with it. So I started to play slowly and sing and he was shocked. I got another “YOU CAN SING!” That night he played a few songs that I knew and I sang along and we both knew we could do something with this. He had experience playing in bars and had some connections. We practiced three songs to get ready for our first gig at the Plains Pub. It went over so well that night that the Plains Pub continued to book us there monthly! We kept practicing and added more songs to our sets and soon we were playing full four hour shows. Over the past year we have played at private parties and a few bars around the area. We plan to go further with our venues and stretch out to places outside of Luzerne County. Our friends and family have been a great support and come out to see us frequently. We greatly appreciate that! We have started to develop a fan base and it is really fun to see people coming to see us at numerous locations. We always have fun with every song and love to entertain. The best feeling is seeing the crowd tuned in to our show and seeing them having a good time and enjoying it! That is what it is all about!

Mark’s Biography

Even though I am the guitar player for Broken Road, most of my musical career has been as a drummer. As long as I can remember I was banging out tunes with a pair of pencils and anything that would resemble a drum. My parents realized my ability and sent me to Angelo Stella’s Drum School. My brother Jeff went to guitar lessons and taught me guitar, which at that time became my hobby. At the age of 15, I met up with a talented vocalist, musician and recruited my brother Jeff to start my first real band.
We paid our dues as young musicians being paid by passing around a shoe box. But it didn’t take long for the act to catch on and we found ourselves playing steady weekends and making some real money. Since then I have drummed for numerous groups ranging from Top-40, Country and Wedding bands along with some freelance drumming. After years of carrying that bulky drum equipment around the acoustic guitar became more attractive to me. I wanted to turn my hobby into a new music venture. When Allison came into the picture she completed the missing link and the rest as they say is history.